Sunday, October 1, 2017

Some bonus pics, just for fun

 My first day wearing eye makeup post LASIK.  I must say, I missed my mascara.

 Me and Harriet taking selfies.

 Annabel wanted in on the action.
 Hi Annabel!
 Harriet was trying to help me get a picture of my hair.  I wasn't going to post any of them (because she was so short and the angle is funny) but you can see the new lights in the music room!!!!!  Miriam can practice her piano after the sun has gone down.


I don't understand why my hair looks fuzzy when I do it, but when my nieces and my sister Kayli curl their hair with a wand, it looks shiny and fabulous.  What am I doing wrong??


Kami said...

Your hair is pretty and THICK! What happened to my rangy mess?? Anyway, you look lovely and I'm so jealous of lasik, and Clover is a doll.

Kayli said...

Cuuute little girls! You look great! And you're not doing anything wrong with your hair, mine looks a little fuzzy too--just buy a little pomade or wax and use the merest amount to barely scrunch the curls.

Marilyn said...

You are so CUTE! I'm dying to hear about the Lasik. How was it?? Are you loving it??