Monday, February 1, 2016

Oskar and Smith and Edwards

I drove to Brigham City today to pick up 12 bags of flour from the mill.  Eli was funny because of his intense disgust when we got stopped for a very long time for a train.  Everything went smoothly at the mill (they are so nice there), and so I felt motivated to stop at Smith and Edwards for some fun with my kids and to look at snow boot prices.  We unloaded, made it to the snow boot section, were looking around, then Eli said, "Oskar is peeing." 


I looked over and there was a nice yellow puddle around Oskar's feet.  He wasn't wearing a diaper. 

I can understand how this happened.  Oskar is really independent these days.  I left the house to take Miriam to school and Cowen to reading and returned an hour later when Cowen finished reading.  When I left the house, Oskar was still in his pajamas, but he wanted to get in the tub.  I'm sure he got in the tub, got out of the tub, dried himself off, and dressed himself--sans diaper. 

Nobody noticed.

Until Smith and Edwards. 


Smith and Edwards already has Cadbury mini-eggs.  I see a few trips there in my immediate future.  They also have my same snow boots that I love and my kids try to steal.  $75 on sale.  I think I'll wait until Miriam's feet quit growing before I invest.  Cowen wanted me to invest now in the hopes he'd inherit them in short order.  Miriam wears a size 10 shoe!!!  Same as me.  I think she might just end up taller than her mom.  Rude.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Emeline is Sweet

This morning I was driving kids to the once-a-week school and enjoying listening to Emeline's new song.  She sang, "We get a newborn shout hip hip hooray!" Then the little kids (Harriet was especially enthusiastic) shouted, hip hip hooray.  The song was long and I loved every verse.  "We get a newborn, shout hip hip hooray.  We have a Miriam, shout hip hip hooray.  We have a Cowen, shout hip hip hooray." 

She went through the whole family--each member got his or her own hip hip hooray.  Then she sang, "We have the best mom, shout hip hip hooray.  She made our family, shout hip hip hooray." 

Aww.  Thanks, Emeline.  I needed that today. 

PS The other day I happened to be in the kitchen looking out the window when Emeline was dropped off from Activity Days.  It made me smile to watch her skip up the driveway, pigtails bouncing.  Emeline has a happy heart.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Clover's 7 Month Pictures

Family Pictures November 2015

Miriam 12, Cowen 10, Emeline 9, Eli 6, Harriet 4, Oskar 2, Clover 11 months, Mom--6 months pregnant.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Trying to Get a Great Clover Leaf Turned One Picture: Take Three

 Harriet is wearing my very favorite church dress that my girls have.  So cute!!

 Handsome Eli.  We'll call this his just-turned-seven picture.

 Clover wasn't cooperating so some helpful sibling found her maraca.  She got a pair of them for Christmas and she adores them.  They are just like regular maracas only baby sized.
 You have it.
 The only real smile we got that day came right after she got the maraca.  Smart sibling.
 This one just makes me laugh.

 Oskar started helping.
 Nothing helps a photo shoot like poking each other in the eye a few times.
 "He's touching me!"
 "Look at the camera."