Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hallmark movies and moose cakes

I just finished Lady Harriet's birthday cake. She wanted a moose. What the what?? Last year she had a reindeer cake. I'm not sure what is up with the antlered animal fetish. It took two Hallmark movies to finish it. Moose are big animals. They require a great deal of icing.

Speaking of Hallmark, recently I gathered my children together to help me fold the mountain of clean clothes heaped on the floor. (I am safe in admitting that as my mother isn't on facebook.) Miriam asked if we could watch a movie while we folded. I said no, and Harriet piped up, "That's okay. You'd only let us watch a walnut movie anyway." Walnut, Hallmark--they're practically the same thing.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Pinto Beans

We usually have a pot of pinto beans for Saturday lunch/supper.  I hardly ever make it exactly the same twice (by way of spices).  Today Timothy and I had this conversation while we ate:

Timothy: "What is in the beans?"
Me: "Herbs de Provence.  It is pretty good, isn't it?"
Timothy: "What else is in it?"
Me: "Salt and pepper, of course.  A little garlic salt, some red pepper flakes, and the Herbs de Provence.  I like it.  Maybe I should write down what I put in it."
Timothy: "Yes, you should."

A few seconds later . . .

Timothy: "Why are you still sitting there?"

I guess I've reached the pinnacle of pinto bean perfection.  :)

September 17, 21, and 23

 Timothy putting together Mom's applesauce maker thingy for me.  When I told him that they sell motorized ones at Smith and Edwards he was displeased that he'd spent all that time turning the handle for me.  :)  That wall makes me happy every single day.
 Annabel, all tuckered out.  I've decided I love the nickname Nell for Annabel.  It is a perfectly logical shortened version of her name and it has been on my favorite names list since I read the book My Friend Flicka in the fourth grade.  However, I've found that it is hard to go from never using a nickname with any of your children to trying to make a nickname happen.  How does one go about it?
 I loved that Harriet was reading to Clover and that Clover was holding a baby while reading the book Babies--a perennial favorite.
More tuckered-out-ness.  The other day Clover said her name was Clover Leafy.  Since then I've been calling her Clover Mildred now and again just to remind myself and her and the rest of the family that her name isn't actually Clover Leafy or even Clover the Leaf.  I guess you might consider Leafy to be her nickname, except, much like Lady Harriet, we never use Leafy as a stand in, only an add on.

I love boys

Yesterday Eli came prancing through the kitchen on his way downstairs wearing only a shirt and underwear.  When his sister questioned him he said, "Cowen stole my pants!"

And then we laughed.

Later that day I went across the street to visit Zainob and Eli showed up a few minutes later. When Eli walked in Zainob said in a mildly alarmed voice, "What he wearing??"

I replied, "A Scottish kilt."  I think something got lost in the translation with that one.  :)

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Snow Day

I know that today is the Sabbath so having a snow day is a bit iffy.  However, Annabel is still sick, sick, sick, so church was out for me and her.  I decided that since Clover is just barely showing signs of recovery (she still took two naps today) and Emeline threw up so recently, that we had best remain at home so as to not share our germs.  Timothy did go to church so he could teach his class.

Sunday is a looooonnnnngggg day without church.  Around eight in the morning I sent Cowen and Eli outside to shovel our walk for Timothy to get out, and our neighbor's walk.  Our directly across the street neighbor is in the bishopric, and he left early, but his wife still had to get out of the driveway.  The boys did a great job getting the shoveling done.  It kept snowing until after church got out, so at 11:30, I sent Miriam and Emeline out to shovel both driveways for homecoming church-goers.

By the time the girls finished shoveling, all the other kids except Clover and Annabel had drifted outside and a major war had started, which involved Cowen stabbing people with his sword and the stabbed people doing dramatic death dives off the porch into the snow.  Eli had to come in for his viking axe, and eventually little Oskar had to come inside for a long knife so that more dying and falling into the snow could take place.

When Timothy got home he changed and went outside to shovel the snow that had been left in front of the driveway by the snowplows.  The kids started building a fort out of the snow that had built up, and finding a bucket handy, they made a pretty awesome fort.  Timothy helped by shoveling along the outer edge to make it look nice and shoveling extra snow on top to be packed down.  I made everyone come inside for lunch at about 3:30 (it was late because Annabel wanted to be held, so I had to finish lunch when Timothy could hold her).  After lunch, the kids were right back outside until it was too dark to see.  They were DRIPPING wet because the snow changed to rain and never changed back.  I swear I need to live somewhere with more robust weather.  Rain in January.  *Disgusted head shaking.*

Tomorrow we are not starting back to school, sadly, because I don't want to try to dive in and then spend the day holding a sick baby.  Instead, we made some tentative plans for picking everyone's next piano songs to learn, going over the new schedule, and continuing fort construction.  I hope Annabel feels better very, very soon.  I called Doc (my brother Derek) to ask about dehydration, but there really isn't much to be done but hope she keeps something down soon.  It is so sad when babies are sick.

Also, I will be terribly sad when I no longer have a two year old in the house.  They are hilarious.  I was holding Annabel while sitting in the yellow chair, and Clover was mad that she didn't have juice and she wasn't the one being held.  She put her head down on the chair because of her great sadness.  Annabel started kicking her head.  Without looking up Clover said, "Annabel, stop it!  Stop it, Annabel!"  Then, still without looking up, she said, "You bang my head."  Then she looked up and with a most accusatory look on her face she said, "It hurt."  Miriam and I were laughing very hard--especially at the little two year old, "Stop it!" Our laughter ended when Annabel threw up all over me.  Sigh.

I also failed to record this earlier, but a few days ago our neighbor from across the street hurried over to our house.  When I opened the door, Jessica said that she had gone out of her house to retrieve some boxes that had been delivered and had locked herself out.  Her baby, Burton, was alone in the house.  I lent her my phone to call her husband, but he didn't answer.  Jessica finally hit on the idea of having one of my kids try to fit through the doggie door.  I put shoes on Oskar and sent him across the street with Jessica and Cowen.  When he returned, he was alight with excitement.  He had to tell me the whole story of how he had to bend, "like this" and crawl through the door, and then "I turned the handle like this," and then "she went inside."  We all praised him and called him a hero and clapped, and then the entire tale had to be told to Timothy the second he got home which led to more clapping and cheering for the little guy.  Oskar was glowing with delight when he recounted his adventure to his dad.  It was darling.

And now I have to go unlock the downstairs bathroom for Cowen so that I will have to go down in 15 minutes and kick him out of the bathroom and confiscate his book.  Tally-ho.

Friday, January 6, 2017


Just spent 20 minutes going through everything in the toy room and THREE HOURS going through the boys room. Three garbage bags and two DI bags later, I'm still amazed at how much junk boys squirrel away. I told Cowen he couldn't watch because he gets violently attached to his junk, so after he tried on all his clothes I sent him away. When he came back he looked around his room and said, "Mom, you're a genius."
Another funny thing that happened with Cowen recently: I was getting after the kids for not being thorough with their chores and I said, "Just do it like I would do it." To which Cowen responded, "You mean go the extra mile." I said, "No, just do it like I would." Then he did a dramatic eye roll, "That is the extra mile."


I just postponed Eli's baptism due to illness in the home. Sometimes I feel like dressing up in a monk costume and yelling, "Unclean! Unclean!" I'm sure you've all felt the same way some time in your life as well.
PS Eli wasn't super pleased until I told him he could open his scriptures tonight instead of waiting another month and then he was fine.
PPS He asked me what color of scriptures I got him and I said, "White," to harass him and he said, "Cool!!" Why is that cool?? Then I had to tell him I was joking and he didn't get cool white scriptures. Sometimes I should just say, "You'll have to wait to find out."