Thursday, January 29, 2015

Clover's Birth Story

Now that Clover is already six weeks old, I am finally getting around to posting about her birth.  It was, happily, very uneventful.  

On December 14th, per my usual, I decided I was done with being pregnant and took castor oil.  Two tbls in the morning, and then, when nothing much seemed to be happening but some very light cramping, two more in the evening.  I think you should never do more than one tbls for the second dose, for those of you who are thinking about trying it yourself and tend to have fast labors.  

That evening I "confessed" to Timothy that I had taken castor oil and told him we would have the baby that night.  He wasn't concerned.  I even went so far as to try and find someone to sleep at our house to watch the kids if we needed to leave.  That didn't work out, but since I wasn't feeling any contractions, I decided not to make further preparations and just went to bed.  

I woke up around 3:00 am because I was having contractions.  I tried to sleep through them, or between them, but finally realized that wasn't happening.  To keep myself occupied, I had Timothy get me an alarm clock so I could time the contractions.  That's when I realized they were 2-3 minutes apart.  I told Timothy this disconcerting news and he jumped out of bed and started getting ready to go to the hospital.  I told him I wasn't sure it was time to go to the hospital because my water hadn't broken.

Please forgive my pregnancy brain on this water breaking issue.  With all of my other children (barring Emeline who was delivered via c-section early) my water broke.  That was my clear signal that things were really happening.  

My water did not break with Clover.  I kept expecting it to.  It never did.  This threw me off.  

So while I was still protesting that we didn't need to rush to the hospital, Timothy was ignoring me and getting my stuff and calling his parents to come watch the kids.  Even when we were in the van driving toward the hospital, I was still protesting that we should wait until his parents got to our house before we left.  Timothy disagreed.

While in the van, heading toward Davis Hospital, the contractions became dramatically more painful.  It was an unpleasant drive.  When we arrived, we had to go through the emergency room since it was 3:00 am.  The person who checked us in was a little obtuse.  He kept asking me questions while I was squatting next to a chair trying to breathe through contractions.  I wanted to hit him and tell him to ask my husband!  

I was finally admitted and Timothy and I made our way to the maternity part of the hospital.  There was a scary emergency with another mom going on when we arrived so nobody paid much attention to us for a little while.  We saw the other mom get wheeled to an operating room for an emergency c-section.  The tension was palpable.  (I asked later and both mom and baby were okay.)  We waited until there was a nurse free to take us to a room.  Then she disappeared again for awhile.  

This whole time I felt like I had to pee.  I know that is too much info, but it was such a different feeling from previous deliveries when my water broke earlier in the process.  There was more pressure along with the normal feeling of a contraction.  I kept ducking into the bathroom.  When the nurse finally said she really needed to get a monitor on and check me, I reluctantly agreed.  Nothing hurst worse than lying flat on your back during a contraction (except, of course, when the baby comes out).  

I was at a nine.  Thank you, Timothy, for rushing me to the hospital. It is because of you we didn't deliver by the side of the road.

Once the nurse realized how close I was, she went and informed my doctor who was conveniently already there because of another patient.  He never would have made it in time otherwise.  When the doctor came he broke my water.  That was different.  And gushy.  A few pushes later, Clover was born.    

She was gorgeous right from the beginning.
In a lot of these pics, there is a bunch of goop from where someone tried to attach a hair bow.  I would have preferred less goop, but the bow was cute before it fell off.

Tiny footprints!!

Clover is one of my most sensitive-skinned children.  After the first day of wearing hospital provided clothing she started to get a rash.  I took her out of all the hospital stuff and put her in clothes and blankets from home.  Then I told the nurses not to let any soap touch her.  They were very nice about it and the rash went away pretty quickly.  (She has a rash right now, which is baffling me because all the preventative measures that have worked with my other children aren't doing the trick for her.)

Because I am related to Megan and all people love Megan--that goes without saying--my delivery nurse made sure I was put in the largest room and that my recovery nurse knew that I was Megan's sister.  I was taken care of well, and it was nice to be away from lice and leaky basements and my older six children--even if it wasn't the most pain-free vacation ever.  Plus, I got to snuggle a newborn, mostly undisturbed, for two days.  Excellent.

Welcome to our family Miss Clover Mildred.  We sure are thrilled to have you!!

Born at 4:38 am, 6 lbs and 13 oz, 21 inches long.  Perfect in every way.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Harriet Just Gets Funnier All the Time

We put Harriet to bed last night and three minutes later she was back upstairs.

Me: "Harriet, why are you out of bed?"

Harriet: "I sleep-walked."


This morning Harriet tried to get me to let her pour her own milk.

Me: "Harriet, you are too little to pour your own milk."

Harriet: "Mom, I can do it--I'm a primary girl!"

I've never seen a child as excited as Harriet to go to primary.  Timothy took her and Oskar to nursery before I had a chance to remind him that she had aged out of nursery.  I walked to the nursery door and said, "Harriet, you don't go to nursery anymore.  You're a primary girl."

She squealed with excitement and ran out the door toward the primary room.  I called after her about not running in the halls, so she stopped and started bouncing in place waiting for me.  Then she held my hand and pulled me into the primary room, where she danced around until I showed her where to sit.  Then she climbed on her chair and looked around just as proud and pleased as she could be.  All the adults were laughing.  She's so adorable.  It is nice that she is an old sunbeam (birthday in February) because she's the only sunbeam in the ward.  They had her join the class just older than sunbeams.

We love our primary girl!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Don't Break Your Face

Christmas Day 2014

 Coming up the stairs.  We still do the whole line-up by age thing.  It about kills the older children to wait.  I remember feeling like that.
 Heck with the tree.  She headed straight to the stockings.
 Everyone got a stuffed animal in their stockings.

 Oskar still needed help unwrapping things.  Next year will be a different story.  :)
 Harriet got a Franklin stuffed animal to go with her Franklin books.  She's a huge Franklin fan.  She especially loves the book Aunt Megan gave her years ago called Franklin and Harriet.  It is about Franklin being a big brother to sister Harriet.  We have three books that feature a Harriet.  Our Harriet likes the Franklin one best.
 Oskar in his cowboy vest.  The older boys love it and Eli frequently laments that it doesn't fit him.
 Emeline with the hedgehog Eli made her.  The kids found a tree on the mountainside that produces crazy huge pinecones.  They collected a bunch for no other reason than they liked them, and then one came in handy when Eli decided to make Emeline a hedgehog.  For those that don't know, Emeline is a bit obsessed with hedgies.
 Looking at the mini cross-bow Miriam made for Cowen.  It shoots cotton swabs and is pretty cool.

 The wand Harriet made for Miriam.
 The wand Cowen made for Harriet.
 Eli wants to go to BYU when he grows up and study paleontology.  This book is pretty sweet.
 Emeline's wooden birdhouse kit from our Secret Santa.
 Cowen's woodworking kit from our Secret Santa.
 Cowen's spy outfit.  It was a HUGE hit!

 Miriam's Frozen shirt.  It made us pretty positive who our Secret Santa is.  :)
 The guitar the children got from Mom and Dad.  Miriam knows how to play a song already and it sounds lovely.

 The girls in the dress-up clothes they got from Santa.
Harriet's Secret Santa present--a doll for in the bathtub.
The boys both got spy outfits from Santa.  They love them.  They like to dress up in them and then sneak around and ask me a bazillion times if they scared me or if I knew they were there.  Good times.  Love boys.

It was a lovely Christmas.  Everyone had fun and enjoyed their presents.  Thank you Secret Santa for your contributions. We really appreciated it.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Harriet Funny

Me: "Harriet, go downstairs and help Eli and Emeline pick up the toy room."

Harriet: "I can't."

Me: "Why not?"

Harriet: "Because of my brain."

Ah.  I understand now.  My brain often tells me I can't do hard things and I should just go eat chocolate instead.  I get it.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Clover's Hair

Timothy and I pulled out Cowen's baby book last night to see if I remembered correctly that Cowen's hair was the same color as Clover's.  It looked very similar.  However, both Timothy and I think that Clover has a lot more red tints in her hair.  On the other hand, when I cut Cowen's hair, the hair on the floor looks really red so maybe we're imagining that she has more red than he has.  Basically, if you live at this house you have to have some red hair tendencies (unless you are Lady Harriet and then you don't).   There is no question that Cowen's beard--when he grows one--will be red.

If Clover's hair follows Cowen's hair's example then Clover won't go bald but will be white blond by the time she's one.  We'll see.  

 Clover's hair also reminds us of Emeline's baby hair in that it is naturally spiky.  I love that about Clover.  She has attitude on her head but all sweetness in her face.
Here's a three-week picture.  I love her eyes.  And her perfect nose.  And especially her PERFECT rosebud ears.  Oh how I love her ears.  She is such a darling.

As for her sleeping habits--so far Clover appears to be every inch a Young baby.  All she does is sleep.  Periodically she wrinkles up her face like she's less than pleased (like when she gets a bath), but other than that, she is perfectly contented with life.  We are equally content with her.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

One of the Greatest Paragraphs I've Ever Read In My Life

Today Miriam's assignment in her grammar book was about unity in a paragraph and putting ideas in a logical order.  She had to practice by writing a paragraph about how you should clean your bedroom.  Here's Miriam's paragraph:

     Say your mom comes up and tells you to clean your room.  You have always kept it clean and tidy.  You have no idea how to clean your room, not having siblings to trash it.  Well then read on. Here is how you clean your room.  First, you get all your clothes off the floor, fold them up and put them away. Then, you get your toys, odds and ends, and put these back on the things they go on. Then, you make your bed. After that you get the vacuum, do your floor and arrange your furniture so it looks nice. After that you get mom, have her check it, then shut and lock your door.

Older sibling much?

The ironic thing about this paragraph is that I spent a lot of years as Lindsay's roommate, and she's a nazi about tidiness.  Therefore, I didn't ever lift a finger and my room stayed brilliantly clean and tidy.  Genius.  In defense of my laziness, Lindsay did tell me once to stop making our bed because she just had to remake it.  If that's the way you feel about it, Louisa Lou, I will sacrifice making the bed for your sake.  :)

As for siblings getting into my stuff . . . I didn't have any stuff.  I remember Amy getting mad at me a few times.  She didn't like me to read her books.