Thursday, April 13, 2017

Oskar is sweet

Today Oskar said, "When I grow up to be a grandpa, I'm going to have five kids."

I love that he never talks about being a dad--just a grandpa.  Obviously, grandpas are the best!

Cowen is funny

 I was in my room with the door locked just now and Cowen started singing the Ana song really loudly at my door, "I just wish you'd tell me why!!"  He wanted me to come out, apparently.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

October 11--some school work.

The kids did projects on animals in the areas settled by European colonists, or brought over by the colonists.

I think we all learned the most from Cowen's study of the Carolina Marsh Tacky.  It is a horse that was brought over, but then left behind when settlers left and went wild.  It adapted to the marshy areas of the Carolinas.  Later colonists (much later) tamed the wild Tacky horses and used them for everything--including as mounts during the Revolutionary War.  Super interesting!

Miriam's wild turkey info.

Oskar was not interested in any animals in the colonies so he did a presentation on warthogs instead.

Emeline with her badger poster.

Clover, looking darling!

Eli with his presentation on bighorn sheep.

The owl Harriet drew for her presentation.  I love it!!!

Great job, Young Scholars!!

Sept 29, 30, and Oct 1 and 9-mostly Annabel's six month photos, but other kids thrown in there too

I went looking for Annabel one day and found her asleep behind the couch.  I must have woken her up when I returned with my camera because she was not happy with me at all.

 Annabel and Eli.

 Annabel's six month pictures.  Her eyes are gorgeous.  What a beautiful baby!!!

It is so sweet how much Oskar loves his doll, Timmy.  Oskar is equally sweet with his little sisters.  They are lucky to have him as an older brother.

 Trying to take pictures of both babies is pretty much futile.

Sept 25, 2016, Emeline turns 10

 Clover, looking cute and messy.

 Miriam trying to steal Emeline's birthday books.

 Emeline got coloring stuff and art stuff and hedgehog stuff and books.  She was thrilled.

 More stealing of gifts (a birthday tradition it seems).

 More gift stealing.

 Emeline wanted a tiger cake.

 Beautiful birthday girl!!

Tiger cake.

Monday, March 27, 2017


My parents took the kids this past weekend so Timothy and I could celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. Dad dropped his car off at my house so he could drive the kids out to his place in the van. When he arrived I already had all the kids buckled in the van. He opened the van door and I heard this chirrup of small voices yell out, "Hi, Grandpa!"
Then dad said in this mean, gruff voice, "Don't hi me. Only speak when you are spoken to and call me, 'Your Majesty.'"
Sounds about right.
When Timothy and I went and picked them up yesterday they all started yelling and trying to run away and hide. They had zero interest in returning to their home with their beloved parents. Only Annabel and Clover were happy to see me. I can't say that I blame them really.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Cleaning and Blooding

We've been doing spring cleaning around here.  I am amazed at how great my kids (the oldest four) are doing at just getting in there and getting it done.  Monday we cleaned all of the upstairs except my room and the kitchen.  We washed walls, washed curtains, cleaned the diaper pail, moved cribs and couches to vacuum underneath.  Intense action.  Today we cleaned the kitchen, stairwell, and art and toy room.  I put away all the winter stuff, went through one box of baby clothes, moved the downstairs stove and deep freeze to clean up a year's worth of accumulated yuck underneath.  I haven't finished wiping out the oven, but I'm too tired to do it tonight.  I've gotten irate with the kids a few times, but really, they've been fantastic.  When we sat down to supper tonight I asked them if they liked being in the dining room more now that it shines with cleanliness.  Without hesitation Miriam muttered, "No."  Well--fine then.  I enjoy it more!

I thought Clover would never manage to say anything as adorable as her, "I not know," for "I don't know."  SO CUTE.  "Clover, where are your shoes?"  "I not know."  I die every time she says it.

But equal in cuteness was what she said two days ago when she found me and said, "Clover hurt.  I blooding."  Awww.  She had a minuscule scratch on one of her fingers, which she kissed and then had me kiss.  I blooding.  Darling.