Monday, September 28, 2015

Near death experience by stupid pit bull

One of my worst nightmares became a reality on Sunday night.  I went on a walk with Clover (in a stroller), Harriet, and Eli.  Harriet was racing ahead so she stayed out of danger, thankfully.  Eli was next to me while I pushed the stroller when a pit bull came charging full speed at us from one of the houses we were passing.  It was growling and baring its teeth and was clearly not friendly.  

My first thought was pretty rational.  I grabbed for Eli to pull him between me and the stroller and then I started to tell him to just stay still, but he screamed and ran away before I could get a good grip on him.

Then the pit bull started chasing him.  That was the worst part of the whole thing.  A stupid, ugly, monster dog chasing my six year-old.

I started chasing after Eli to try and do something, anything, to protect him.  As soon as I started moving the dog flipped around and ran right at me.  I screamed and acted all panicked because at that point everything I know about staying calm around aggressive dogs had pretty much become inaccessible in my brain.

Eli said the dog bit the back of my skirt when I turned around, but I didn't feel anything.  The dog was definitely acting like it was about to bite me--lunging at me and growling.

At that point the owners arrived on the scene and the two of them jumped on the dog and dragged it back to their house.

Cowen said he's seen that dog before--always with a muzzle on.

Some dogs should be shot.  That dog is one of them.    Especially as it lives only one street away from my children where they frequently ride their bikes.  I hate pit bulls.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cousin Love--Will and Clover

Some totally cute pictures from this summer.  Clover with her cousin Will (same age as Oskar--two years) and her Aunt Lindsay.  Will loves babies in a totally adorable way.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Harriet is funny

Today for FHE we talked about how we could have happier mornings.  Then we talked about resurrecting the bean jar method of rewarding good behavior.  The kids were super excited because they loved the bean jars when we did them before.  Then we asked the kids what kind of prizes they would want if they managed to fill their bean jars with beans.

Harriet was priceless.  When we asked her what prize she would want she thought for a few seconds then said, "A pet."

Dream big, girl.  :)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Gorgeous Clover with a little bit of Oskar--Clover 8 months old, Oskar 2 years

 While I know there have been a lot of beautiful babies born into the world--I refuse to believe there has ever been a more beautiful baby than Clover.  She's such perfection.  I can never get enough of just looking at her.  Add to that her happy nature--she laughs out loud more than the rest of my babies put together--and the peaceful and loving spirit she brings into our home, and I feel so grateful to have her.  Lucky number seven indeed.

 Those eyes.
 These two are such Clover expressions.

Her growling face.  She pretty much never cries, but if Oskar gets too close and alarms her, she'll growl really loudly at him.  I'm glad she does for two reasons: 1) it's hilarious; and 2) I can go protect her.
 Why are two year olds always so dirty and bruised?  I take care of him, I promise!
See, Oskar is behind her so she doesn't know if she should smile at me or growl at him.  Hard choice.

Friday, September 18, 2015


This summer I pretended to homeschool a few times.  On one of those days, we read a bunch of counting books and then had a competition who could gather items for each number most quickly.  Eli and Cowen were on the same team, Harriet and Emeline, and Miriam was by herself.  The whole activity was for Harriet's benefit but reviewing basics is never a waste of time.  I ended up taking pictures of the end result because I thought it was hilarious that Miriam had made rational choices based on size and ease of transport of her items but the boys just went crazy.

 Miriam's neat little piles of items.
 The boys thought eight musical instruments would be a good idea.
 More of Miriam's little collections.  Ten socks--it makes sense.

 The largest toys we own?  Doesn't make quite as much sense.  (I liked that they had a regular toy category and a separate toy gun category.)

 Twelve dirty clothes.
I love watching my children's brains working.  It is always different from expected.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

More Clover

Sometimes the seventh child gets forgotten--especially when the seventh child never cries of makes much noise at all.  I always feel terrible when I stumble upon her asleep and realize I should have laid her down ages ago.  Sweet baby.

I just love her eyes.  Such a pretty girl.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Clover's Nursery

Timothy and I had Clover Leaf's room all decorated before her arrival, but her quilt wasn't quite done.  I wanted to wait and post pictures of it when her quilt was finished, which ended up taking . . . longer than I anticipated.  

Happily, the quilt was delivered recently and her nursery is complete.  It was so fun to decorate a room that was strictly the baby's!  (Although that isn't strictly true since it is the diaper changing station for all the children requiring such services.) 

 I love the fabric of her quilt.  It is so feminine.

 Where Clover sleeps.  My friend, Pepe aka Debora, gave me the stuff for the mobile and then Timothy put it together and hung it.  Pepe lives in California so it was hard for her to finish it completely and still get it to me.  No problemo--I have Timothy for all my crafting needs.  I love how it turned out so much!
 I painted the room pink and the trim white.  I meant for her room to be green and pink, but a lot of blues and turquoises made an appearance without my being able to stop them.  She was meant to be a blue girl.

My sister, Amy, gave me the shelf, and my friend Emily (a professional artist) raided her house and found me the do-dads to stick on it.  I bought the plants and the wall hangings.  Miriam hung the blessing dress there and I liked it so I left it.  If I had white crocheted booties I'd hang them too, but I don't.  The whole room felt like a group project, which is why it turned out so well!

 I bought the painting at DI and I love how it looks in her room.  That is the door that goes into my bedroom.  Clever that the nursery should actually attach to the bedroom.  The original owner had her bed in what is now Clover's nursery and put in the door so she would have quicker access to her craft room (what is now the master bedroom).  That's some serious crafting love.  I cannot personally relate.

There was a plant beside the change table for awhile and I loved it there, but it failed to thrive.  I'll be replacing it eventually with a hardier plant.

 It's an Emeline!
Clover with her quilt.

Special room for a special girl.  I loved putting it together and since it is the only decorated room in the house (which probably won't change for awhile) it makes me especially happy to go in it.