Monday, April 14, 2014

At the Hill Air Force Museum 2014

Here's some pictures (thank you, Lindsay) from our day at the Hill Air Force Museum way back in February.  We'll say we went for Cowen's birthday since we did go the day before his birthday.  Really we went because we had a showing and needed to be out of the house.  The timing was most fortuitous because Cowen loves the museum and we've gone almost every year for his birthday.  It was also fortuitous because I needed some science activities to post for our charter school requirements.  Static electricity is science.  Done and done.

Static electricity demonstration.
Learning how to land a plane.  Sort of.  :)
So handsome!!!!!
Centrifugal force.
Emeline and Harriet.

Everyone flying war planes.
Static electricity.
Harriet and Ruth.
Ruth and Miriam flying something.
Me and Oskar-man.
Love his mouth so, so, so, so much.  Almost as much as I love his cute little nose.
Cousins.  Will and Oskar.  Why didn't you come, Wyatt??
Cutest baby in the world.
More static electricity.  I think Eli got the worst shock of anyone.  Miriam wouldn't go near the thing, but we all had a good time laughing at Emeline's hair and nervous giggles.
Emeline.  The bravest of them all.

Just Now

Cowen said to me: "Let's go get some chocolate.  I'm up for it."

Hee hee.  That was awesome.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

On the Drive Home

Harriet was singing on the way home from church.  It went like this: "Were you happy in nursery?  No, I wasn't happy in nursery.  It was very sad.  It was very sad."

Pretty much the funniest song I've ever heard.

In other news, when we knelt for family prayer the other night Oskar knelt by me, folded his arms, and closed his eyes.  It only lasted a second before he crawled off again but it was the cutest thing!  What a smarty pants.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Too heartbreaking

After the last episode I'm giving up Call the Midwife forever.  I shouldn't cry that much in a one hour time--can't be healthy.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Some Stuff We've Been Doing

 Cowen playing with a skeleton.
 My dear friend, Beverly, helping my kids identify plants after our hike.
 Lady Harriet.
 Oskar John!
 Cutest baby in the world!
 Our plant chart.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Tired of the house updates yet?

The people who put in a low offer rejected our counter offer.  They must have offered as high as they could go.

Today a real estate agent came by himself representing an investment company that buys houses to rent long-term.  He was very thorough and went through the house making lots of notes on a stack of papers held in a clipboard.  He asked me some questions about the house and if it was safe to go outside with the dogs (ha--our dogs are a far cry from guard dogs) to look around the exterior.  Mostly he looked through the house while I got the kids out the door as he was 15 minutes early.

I asked him a little bit about how the company handles offers and counteroffers and such.  He said that the company owners, if they decided they wanted our house, would send an offer to our realtor on Monday.  It would be their best offer because they don't mess around with counteroffers and it would be for cash.  They never ask for closing costs from the seller.

That would be a great set up for us because we could close fast.  I'm mostly writing this all up because I thought the whole thing was really interesting.  I've never heard of this type of company before.  Well, I guess I have, just not from this end of things.

And Lynn, I too was surprised that the loan didn't work out.  It was really irresponsible of the realtor (whose son was working on the lending) to put in an offer when he knew the loan was so questionable.  Maybe the people misled him in some way?  Who knows.

Thanks for everyone's continued well-wishes and prayers.  Tomorrow we are hosting an open house so maybe someone will wander in and fall in love with my store room.  You never know.  :)

Amelia, I was told that I needed to be out of my house from 3:00 to 5:00 so I planned a whole pizza picnic/walk with the kiddos.  Then the agent came at 2:45.  We went ahead with the picnic/walk because I wanted Patsy to get some exercise and the rest of us have been a bit stir-crazy as well.  Patsy was so excited to get off her tie-down that she scratched up Cowen's face in an understandable spasm of glee.

When we were on our walk, though, I remembered how much I love her.  She's just so awesomely athletic.  At one point Cowen scaled a hill and she noticed and went running after him.  She's so fast.  Then, when Cowen raced down the hill and Patsy noticed she was being left behind she sprinted after him at top speed and literally flew because the hill was steep and she was going so fast.

The rest of us ran and laughed and raced each other and chanted, "It's hiking season!"with spring-infused exuberance.  Patsy's antics just added to our enjoyment of the day.

The reason I'm telling you all this is because I had her off-leash on a leash-only trail so I worried a bit.  At one point an older couple came walking towards us and Patsy started running toward them.  I called, "Patsy, come!" and Patsy stopped mid-stride and raced back to me (no e-collar--I'd forgotten it).  Then, when the couple came abreast of us, Patsy wanted to investigate and started toward them and I said, "Patsy come, leave them alone," and she came obediently over to me.  The woman said, "What a good dog!"

All because of you, Amelia.

Good thing you always have dog training to fall back on if nursing doesn't suit.