Friday, September 23, 2016

July 1, 2016 Happy Canada Day!

My 11 year old boy can't take a normal picture, mostly because 11 year old boys aren't normal.  I like that about him.

Oskar all worn out.  I love that he fell asleep on the bench.  I also love that you can see how the sun shines through my curtains and the awesome wall.  I love my dining room SO, SO, SO, SO much.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

June 25, 2016

I think I was taking pictures to document Clover's pixie cut (her hair had grown in funny and wild).  I am pretty sure that I was only taking pics of Clover, but then other kids saw the camera and joined in.

 This is such a Harriet expression--I laugh every time I look at this picture.

 Eli, his freckles are so darling.

Lady Harriet's healing bike crash wounds.

Oskar John.

 Clover's pixie.

 Girl likes her nutella.

 Annabel doing what Annabel does best--laughing.

Today at dinner, Annabel was giggling at every single sound Clover made.  Annabel is in love with Clover.  I'm hoping that someday it will be reciprocal.  :)

June 24, 2016, #forgottenbaby

June 23, 2016

 Eli.  In a kimono.
Emeline with Annabel.

 Annabel.  Her eyes.
 Harriet after her traumatic bike crash.
I think Harriet went into shock after her accident.  She kept hyperventilating and didn't stop crying forever.  I called my medical friends and they said to watch her, but not to be too worried.  Eventually she snapped out of it.  She still rides her bike like a maniac so no great life lessons were learned.

June 21, 2016 #forgottenbaby

Where Annabel usually falls asleep.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cowen is funny

Cowen was helping me dry all the bands from my canning adventures when he said, "I think it would be fun to be a head chef."  I didn't say anything, because that didn't sound much like Cowen. Then he went on and said, "You know, like a head steward in a medieval castle."  Ahh.  Yes, much more like Cowen.

"You would be able to boss people around and organize everything."  Long pause.  "But I don't really want to be fat and jolly."

I was dying inside it was so funny.

A few seconds later he lifted one of the bands and said, "I wonder which one of these is the ring of power."

He kills me.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Current News

Trying to get pictures caught up is a never ending, exhausting battle--one that I'm losing.  I don't have much time to work on it either because this summer has been one big party and so I haven't worked on school until now.  School starts on Tuesday.  Argh!!

Last Saturday, Timothy gave me four hours to work on a homeschool schedule and it took every second of that time, but I think I have a working schedule in place.  It was harder this year than normal because Miriam is starting organ, so I have to plan in time every day to haul everyone to the church so Miriam can practice.  I also have to work in several people reading out loud to me.  My big goal was creating a schedule wherein everything I consider most critical is done by noon.  I got 'er done, but I will have to be on my A game every single morning.  Math is post-lunch to help insure that we do our table work most days (table work: math, spelling, penmanship, grammar, typing for Miriam).

Timothy also picked up about sixty books from the library for me--mostly about the Revolutionary War.  The kids were ecstatic and dove into the  mass of books, completely ignoring my repeated requests that they stay out of the books until school started.  After a day of reading about the 13 colonies and the war, the kids were 100% transported to another time.  They've been playing "Revolutionary War" ever since.  Miriam asked me for a colonial dress and the kids have been slipping me coded spy messages about the redcoats.  I have the coolest kids.

Tonight we went to my in-laws for our fast Sunday get-together.  It is always nice to see Bryce, Nicole, and the great-grandparents Young and Lewis (Barney).  We missed Amelia, who was at work, and Eric, who is back at school in Idaho.  Bryce took the kids out and shot an air-soft gun with them, so everyone was pleased with the day.

Tomorrow (and I must go to bed so I can maximize tomorrow), Timothy is giving me more uninterrupted time so I can finalize what I'm doing with school the rest of the week and also putting together a fitness schedule for me and the oldest four kids.  Fun!  Onward and upwards.