Tuesday, June 19, 2018


I recently took my kids to visit my mom. When we got there, Mom went through the ritual of kissing everyone and exclaiming over them and tickling/harassing/loving on them. Later, we got in our car to drive up the canyon to eat some hot dogs. Mom was still getting some stuff in the house and I was buckling in children.

Clover said to me, "I love coming to Grandma's house because Grandma likes me!"

A sermon in a sentence.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

What the kids have been saying

Cowen made my whole life yesterday. We were talking about our lives being an unfolding story or something (Miriam started the discussion) and Cowen said, "Let's turn our minds to end of the Prydain Chronicles when . . .." He expounded about Taran's life and the discussion continued.

My happy heart. "Let's turn our minds to" is awesome, and then referencing the best book series ever written! Cowen, thank you. I feel like I have succeeded as a mom because my children have learned their vital life lessons from Lloyd Alexander.

I heard other interesting conversations today.

Miriam to Eli, "You were selfish and mean!"

Eli to Miriam, "No I wasn't. I was greedy."

Miriam, "That's what selfish and mean is!"

Eli, "No, it isn't."

Miriam, full volume, "Somebody get the dictionary!"

Last night Clover was trying to delay bedtime. I put her to bed and was walking away when she yelled out, "I need to say another prayer! My first prayer broke!"

Nice try, Clover.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Clover, my happy little person, has been sick.  This morning she was listless and then she slept for several hours. When she woke up, she was a little grumpy. 

At one point, she was clinging to my leg, crying in that lovely shrill way that children have.  I asked her, "How can I help you?"

She said, "You can help me with YOURSELF!"

Sometimes you just need your mom, I guess.  I stopped working on dinner and went and sat on the couch with her for a few minutes.  She perked up pretty immediately. 

Then Annabel walked by and demanded that she sit on my lap, and that devolved into a yelling match between the two girls that was, "My Mommy!" on repeat. 

Today Eli asked Clover if she was ever going to drive a car.  She said, "Yes, when I grow bigger and turn into a mommy."

The bathroom is completely gutted and repaired, and tomorrow I can start painting it.  I spend today taking care of sick children and making food (why does that take all day???) and painting bathroom cupboards.  The house is progressing. 

Monday, May 7, 2018


I wish I blogged more.  I get too hung up on things being out of order.  In the spirit of to heck with chronological perfection, here is a run-down on my day.

First, I woke up and did a strength training workout.  I use HASfit.com for my workout needs.  Then I got Emeline started on making breakfast.  She made french toast, and the kids all seemed to love it.  Clover loved it so much that she had jam in her hair by the end of the meal, so I had to bath her.  When I bath Clover, inevitably I also bath Annabel, so both babies wound up in the tub.  Once the babies were bathed, I made myself asparagus and scrambled eggs for my breakfast and then I managed to shower.  I had the kids working on math and writing and Eli was mad at me that I didn't have time to help him with his math page.  I also totally forgot to take Cowen to farm school.

At 10:00 am, I taught a writing class to Miriam and some of her homeschool buddies: Hannah, Anna, and Caleb.  Cassidy was supposed to be there, but wasn't, so I'm not sure what that is about.  The class was fun.  We're spending six weeks on essay writing so I started with the famous lego essay and we talked about organization and how to brainstorm.  I read some of Roald Dahl's book Boy to help the kids get an idea of what a master descriptive writer sounds like.  It was fun.  We wrote a paragraph of a descriptive essay together.  It was about famous horse movies.  None of the kids had seen Man From Snowy River except Miriam.  A travesty, really. Tomorrow we'll start brainstorming their own essays.

The older kids were done at 11:30.  It was such a busy day that I immediately put on a science video for the kids (for our MTH reporting--we haven't done much school these days).  They watched something about eyes and then something about photography while I ran to Smiths to get ramen noodles (don't judge--crazy day) and hamburger to make chili. 

I fed the kids and then Miriam helped the kids do their MTH reporting while I made chili for supper and explained to Cowen how to bake potatoes. 

After that, I rushed off with Miriam to Draper.  There is a theater school there called Utah COPA (Conservatory of Performing Arts), that teaches all the things Miriam most wants to lear: acting, musical theater, dance, songwriting, film score writing, etc.  They are having free workshops this week to help kids get ready to audition for their classes.  Miriam desperately wants to take their classes, so I agreed to drive her out every night this week.  Not really, only Mon-Thurs, but that feels like a lot.  A lot, lot.

I didn't really mind the drive on the way home because Miriam was floating on a cloud of ecstasy.  She had met and worked with people who had stared in Broadway plays.  She loved every second of the two hours we were there.  Her first workshop was focused on singing and the second workshop on acting.  Such fun!

When I got home I got on the computer to work on deciding the last few things for the new Herriman house because I have to go sign everything tomorrow.  Yikes.  It feels so real.  :)

What a day.  I am tired and I miss my babies.  I think I played with them for a few minutes while they were in the bath and that was it.  I'm not sure I noticed Harriet, Oskar, or Eli at all.  I'm glad most of our days involve not leaving the house.

Sunday, March 18, 2018


We finally convinced (coerced?) Miriam to let us measure her.  She was thrilled to find out that she is NOT 5'10, she's 5'9 1/4.

Cowen: 5'6 (and growing like a weed--it is astounding)

Emeline: 5'2 and 7/8

Eli: 4'7

Harriet:  3'11 and 5/8

Oskar: 3'7 and 5/8

Clover: 3'2 and 3/8

Annabel: 2'9 and 3/16

(If I ever took my children to the doctor I would probably know where they fall on those height charts pediatricians use, but, fortunately, no one has needed to go to the doctor for awhile.)

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Cowen's Camping List

Sometimes I really, really love my kids.  Cowen planned a mountain excursion with his friend, Connor, a few days ago.  He was super excited about it and he made a list of the essential items he needed to take up the mountain with him.  Each item had a box drawn beside it for Cowen to check when he put the item in one of his forty bazillion bags. 

And what was written in big bold letters in the middle of this list of critical items?:



I know--it melted my heart.

Friday, February 16, 2018


I have been potty training Clover with great success.  She had a rough first day and then she seemed to get the whole concept and she hasn't had an accident since (except twice after her nap).  The first day we potty-trained she insisted on wearing underpants to bed.  I let her, because I know there are children who can stay dry at night at age 3, in some mythical land somewhere.  She wet herself and was super upset about it when she woke up cold and wet at 11:00.  Timothy was disinclined to try again and Clover didn't insist so I put her in diapers at night again.  Then, last night, Clover wanted to wear underpants to bed again and so I let her, in the vain hope that a miracle could happen.

And it did.  SHE WAS DRY!  How is this even possible????  Now what?  I took her to the potty right before I went to bed at 10:00.  Do I keep doing that?  Do I just put her to bed?  How do you train a child to stay dry at night at age 3.  This is totally beyond my experience.