Thursday, November 19, 2015

Kids Are Funny

I wanted to get an idea of how large our *eventual* gallery wall is, so he measured out a rectangle on the library floor with blue painter tape.  It is extraordinary how much enjoyment children can get out  of painter tape on the floor.  They run around the rectangle at least once every time they enter the room.  There have been so many games invented to utilize the rectangle that I have lost track of them all.  I love how easily my children entertain themselves. (Currently the children are supposed to be tidying the library and they are, but they have to pause often to race around the rectangle.)

There hasn't been a lot going on around here.  A few of the kids succumbed to a mild, nine-hour flu.  Cowen is still down and out, but the rest have perked back up.  I had a lot of fun yesterday raking leaves.  The weather is so beautiful that it is fabulous to be outside for any reason.

The magic of the season is definitely here.  The kids and I have been admiring the stockings that were hung with care quite some time ago.  Christmas music has been filling the air and the December calendar is quickly filling up with Christmas party reminders.  I love this time of year so much. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

You think you know someone

I had the kids watch Hoosiers tonight for the first time while I finished the dishes. I'm still sick, Timothy is less sick, and Miriam is more sick--so we've been moving at a slower speed. The unsick people tidied the house and I rewarded them with a movie.

Timothy was upstairs holding Clover and chatting with me when he heard the children burst into ecstatic cheers downstairs. He said, "Are the cheering for the movie?"

"Of course," I replied. Then I ran downstairs to watch Jimmy make the game winning shot and watch my children go crazy with excitement. It was pretty awesome.

After we put the kids to bed (which was a trick because Eli and Cowen rolled their pant legs up to their eyebrows and pretended to dribble while running around like maniacs) Timothy and I were talking about sport movies and Timothy admitted that HE HAD NEVER WATCHED HOOSIERS.

You think you know someone. Entrust yourself to that person and then they drop a bomb like that. I'm still in shock.

This will be remedied. Posthaste and immediately.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Twenty Week Ultrasound with Baby 8

And . . .  girl!  Clover Leaf and Baby Sister will only be 15 months apart so I hope they are always the very best of friends.  As for Oskar--he'll have to band together with his dad after Eli moves out.  Boys surrounded by sisters end up good husbands.  He'll be okay.  Bets on hair color??  I'm going with red.  :)  

Friday, October 9, 2015

One of my favorite lists ever

Miriam decided to leave the house one night without permission.  She was gone for awhile and when she got back I made her write a list of all the things that could have happened to her.  It was hilarious.   Here it is (I kept all the original spelling, capitalization, and punctuation):

1.  Kiddnapped

2.  hurt.

3.  lost.

4.  thugged.

5.  Murdered.

6.  broken something.

7.  dissapear.

8.  shot.

9.  hit by car.

10.  get trapped.

11.  vanish.

12.  get killed.

13.  stolen.

14.  Bike stolen.

15.  Organ stolen.  

16.  get attaked.

17.  get eaten by a bear.

18.  get a wound.

19.  stolen.


Monday, September 28, 2015

Near death experience by stupid pit bull

One of my worst nightmares became a reality on Sunday night.  I went on a walk with Clover (in a stroller), Harriet, and Eli.  Harriet was racing ahead so she stayed out of danger, thankfully.  Eli was next to me while I pushed the stroller when a pit bull came charging full speed at us from one of the houses we were passing.  It was growling and baring its teeth and was clearly not friendly.  

My first thought was pretty rational.  I grabbed for Eli to pull him between me and the stroller and then I started to tell him to just stay still, but he screamed and ran away before I could get a good grip on him.

Then the pit bull started chasing him.  That was the worst part of the whole thing.  A stupid, ugly, monster dog chasing my six year-old.

I started chasing after Eli to try and do something, anything, to protect him.  As soon as I started moving the dog flipped around and ran right at me.  I screamed and acted all panicked because at that point everything I know about staying calm around aggressive dogs had pretty much become inaccessible in my brain.

Eli said the dog bit the back of my skirt when I turned around, but I didn't feel anything.  The dog was definitely acting like it was about to bite me--lunging at me and growling.

At that point the owners arrived on the scene and the two of them jumped on the dog and dragged it back to their house.

Cowen said he's seen that dog before--always with a muzzle on.

Some dogs should be shot.  That dog is one of them.    Especially as it lives only one street away from my children where they frequently ride their bikes.  I hate pit bulls.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cousin Love--Will and Clover

Some totally cute pictures from this summer.  Clover with her cousin Will (same age as Oskar--two years) and her Aunt Lindsay.  Will loves babies in a totally adorable way.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Harriet is funny

Today for FHE we talked about how we could have happier mornings.  Then we talked about resurrecting the bean jar method of rewarding good behavior.  The kids were super excited because they loved the bean jars when we did them before.  Then we asked the kids what kind of prizes they would want if they managed to fill their bean jars with beans.

Harriet was priceless.  When we asked her what prize she would want she thought for a few seconds then said, "A pet."

Dream big, girl.  :)