Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sing-a-long 2017

Last night was my annual Christmas carol sing-a-long party.  I had a few people from the ward come and then a bunch of awesome homeschoolers.  We had a blast.  Really, though, my good friend Pepe (Debora) made the party because for the first time in all my three years throwing this party we had a pianist who could play all the songs at tempo with vigor and vim.  It was awesome.  I was already sick and now my throat is thrashed and I can only whisper hoarsely, but it was worth it.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Quick run-down of the day

Let's see--today I yelled at Emeline for taking too long doing her morning chore.  Then I yelled at Cowen for horsing around when he said he was going to finish all of his co-op homework (which didn't happen), then I yelled at Emeline again for taking two hours to do six pages of math (Megan, where were you with your magic drugs at that point of my day???).  Then I had Timothy finish helping Eli with his math and he had Eli laughing and happy and actually doing math and I wanted to yell at Timothy, "It's easy when you only help with homework once every 10 years!!" But I didn't.  Along with math we accomplished Eli's piano practice (Emeline weaseled out of it AGAIN by taking hours upon hours to accomplish one 15 minute chore and six pages of math), Harriet's language arts and math--including two extra pages of math because she begged to do them. The girl is so strange--she hates learning to read and begs to do math.  I think she was switched at birth.  I made several meals and bread and did three million loads of laundry that is now all piled sky high in the Commons waiting to be folded by magic elves sometime in the future. 

The highlight of the day, though, was reading Eli's daily journal writing.  He said, "Today is a very special day for me.  I get to have a concert at Weber State.  I play the violin."* He loves the violin and takes it so seriously.  He was so nervous!  He dropped his violin during the warm-ups and the neck came off along with the chin rest and who knows what all.  The teacher totally came through and found him a spare violin so he still got to play in the concert.  He was the cutest one there--all red-headed, freckled, and serious. 

After Eli's class played, Cowen's guitar class played.  I took Cowen to a barbershop to get a real haircut and as his barber said, Cowen looked "on point." 

They both did a great job.  After collecting the violin and guitar post-concert, we headed home where I gave everyone ice cream to eat while we read our Christmas story.  Then I spent two hours doing dishes.  Now I am emailing Miriam's composition teacher to tell him that Miriam is too sick to attend tomorrow, and then I will go to bed. 

Oh--and I started today going through all the snow gear to see what fits whom.  Eli is annoyed because only a "girl" coat fits him and he has no boots.  Emeline also has no boots.  Cowen outgrew his super expensive boots already.  What??!!  And he has no snow pants. Only a boy coat fits Clover and Clover and Annabel took turns going outside today as I only have one pair of baby-sized boots and two babies.  And yes, I am going to keep calling Clover a baby . . . at least until her birthday next week.  *Sob*  I was nice enough to let the kids go outside and play in the snow first thing, and paid for it the rest of they day.  This is why we usually declare all days wherein fresh snow has fallen as "winter vacation days."  Why did I even try?

*I edited his spelling so it isn't really a direct quote.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Family Photos 2017--the marriage collection (16 years in December)

 My favorite.

Pre-Halloween Excitement and Kitchen Updates

 The children had to try on and play with numerous outfits before settling on their official Halloween costumes.  Here's Princess Clover.

 My sister Kami made the princess outfit.  She's awesome.

 Here's Little Bo Peep Clover in a dress my little sister, Kayli, wore to church.

 Harriet as a fat bear.
 Here's Little Bo Peep Clover with her sheep, Oskar.  I thought this costume combo was a winner, but Oskar really wanted to be a lion for Halloween, and Clover really wanted to be a monster.  It worked out well because they were both super warm while trick-or-treating.

 Putting in the undermount sink.

 Countertops.  It is really hard to get good pictures of shiny surfaces.

 The countertops are glittery, but it is hard to see it unless the lights are on.

 That flooring has been gone for a few days and already it looks weird to see it.

Halloween 2017

*No Cowen because he didn't dress up.  Miriam dressed up because she (and Cowen) helped at a homeschool Halloween outdoor party.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Clover is chirpy and a good cheerleader

Clover is a good cheerleader.  Lately, she's been doing her best to motivate her tribe.  For example, she'll ask me to do something like, "Mom, can you get me a drink?" 

Then, if I say, "No, I can't," she'll say--in her happiest, most enthusiastic voice, "Yes, you can!"

I appreciate her confidence in me. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

More kitchen

Kami requested more kitchen pictures, but I don't think these give you a good idea of what my kitchen looks now.  It does illustrate the most important fact that you shouldn't epoxy in rooms where you want to keep the flooring.

 Old flooring from the dining room.

 Epoxy dripping down and getting onto everything.  Such a sticky mess!!

 Countertops done and drying.  Why didn't we remove the old stove before we started?  I don't know.  It is a great mystery, but it did/does give Timothy a place to put stuff so it is probably a good thing it stayed.

Dining room without flooring.  Apparently the person who put on the previous laminate thought that cement would be a good way to level the floor.  When Timothy pulled it up (which took thirty seconds--which surprised me) the cement was all loose and dusty and made a big mess.  I cleaned it all up.  Now Timothy has to think of a better way to level the floor.

There you have it.  Tonight and last night Timothy was putting in the undermount sink and new faucet.  Soon, friends, soon I won't have to do dishes in the bathtub.