Sunday, September 10, 2017

September 9, 2017

WE INTERRUPT THIS BLOG POST TO MAKE A VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.  World, I have officially caught up this blog.  Miracles do happen and goals can be achieved if you delete enough pictures and forego writing much text.  In the future, we hope to achieve more goals and write more text.

 I thought some kitchen updates were overdue.  In the above picture, you can see where Timothy took out the old light and replaced it with mud.  You can also see some of the recessed lighting he put in.  The lighting took a lot longer than planned because he wired it wrong the first time.  If at first you don't succeed, wire, wire again.  The lights are so bright and I love them.  Especially the one right about the sink.  Lovely.
 You might also notice that Timothy moved the one remaining wall cupboard up to the ceiling (which is really high and makes me feel short for the first time in my life).  That requires rewiring the outlets that you can see in this picture, which hasn't happened yet.  He's still working on lights. You might also notice that all the other wall cupboards are down and the walls have been drywalled and sanded and are ready to prime.  Timothy took off the backsplash, but isn't bothering making it nice because we are just going to cover it up with more backsplash.
 I actually pulled out my camera because I thought Harriet looked so cute helping her dad.  Way to get your hands dirty, Lady Harriet!  They were measuring for more recessed lighting.  Above the piano, Timothy is putting two spotlight lights, so we can move them to face the piano.  Now kids will be able to practice after dark (which is 5:00 pm in the middle of winter).  Yay!!!

Cowen gave his first talk in Sacrament meeting today.  It was about preparing for a mission.  He did great.  He talked about learning how to work hard and quoted my mom, "Hard work never hurt anyone, except the ones it scared to death."  Ha.  Good job, Cowen.

September 5, First Day of School 2017-2018!!!!

With the kitchen torn up, my recovering from LASIK (yep, that happened), and Timothy taking my van every day, it was a rough first week of school.  Oh, the getting up at 5:45 was pretty painful too.  But we persevered, and we had some great moments, including the taking of the back-to-school photos.

 Emeline, mad that I made her hold up five fingers to indicate that she is starting the 5th grade.  Oh, the humanity.

 Grade seven.
 Grade three.
 Grade one (I LOVE Harriet's shirt!!!)

 Too cute for school.

 Pre-school!  He was so excited to get his own math book and penmanship book.  He even got his own homeschool box instead of sharing with Harriet.  The excitement was real.

And the best back to school outfit award goes to . . . Clover!!!  (Although the boys deciding to be Ranger's for the first day of school was pretty stellar too, as was Harriet's shirt--I made her wait to wear it so it would be her first day of school shirt because I love it so much.)

We started school on Tuesday and it was pretty much a bust, although I can't complain because my house didn't burn down.  I got up early and woke up Miriam for school.  Then I took Timothy to work on base and came home in time to feed the kids and then head out again.  I started south on Harrison to get to Fruit Heights, where Miriam was to have her first music theory lesson with Jerald Simon.  When we got to the last light before you go down the hill into Uintah, policeman had set up a road block and turned us around.  We could see some smoke, but we weren't sure what was going on, so we drove out to 1-15 and then we could see and smell the billowing smoke.  We weren't sure, though, where the fire was exactly, and I figured I would at least find Mr. Simon's house and pay for the month's lessons before going home, despite our being terribly late.  We finally found his house after several wrong turns, and his next student wasn't coming, so Miriam did get a lesson in.  Highway 89 was still closed on our way back, so we had to detour around to the I-15 again.  We eventually made it home despite horrendous traffic and immediately looked online to find out what was up.  What was up was the Uintah Fire, that destroyed several homes and burnt about 700 acres around Weber Canyon/Uintah area.  Where mom and dad used to live on Combe Road was evacuated.

Anyway, once I got home I had time to feed the kids lunch and do a little bit of math with everyone before I had to take Cowen to Ninja Warehouse and pick up Timothy.  The traffic was insane because much of Harrison and 89 were closed due to the fire.  Timothy and I picked up Cowen on our way home and then picked up some food because cooking has been hit or miss (mostly miss) with the kitchen remodel happening.

On Wednesday we did a little better.  Miriam had a piano lesson that she could walk to (yay!) and we got all of our most important school work done.  Thursday we spent watching videos about Hurricane Irma and "All About Hurricanes" for science.  We also watched videos of the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  It was heavy stuff.  We talked about the fires in the west, and Waterton getting evacuated.  Right now we're doing a "Natural Disaster Update" every morning at breakfast and we've added Mexico and Indonesia to our prayer list.  On Thursday Miriam practiced her piano and it was so beautiful.  I missed listening to her!!!

Friday was crazy.  We did our first logs for My Tech High, and did some math and typing.  Dad brought me his car at 8:30 so I could borrow it for the morning as Timothy's car was still in the shop.  I drove Dad to work and then drove Miriam to her first debate class (she loved it) and then picked her up and dropped off Cowen at the LIFE Commonwealth back-to-school party, twelve and older segment.  Miriam was supposed to attend that as well, but she was in trouble (good thing for me because I needed her help a lot that day).  I tried very hard to get a frog-eye salad made but eventually Miriam just made it for me.  I did get brownies made, and when Timothy got in the door we were able to make it to the LIFE Commonwealth back-to-school party, family segment, on time.  We had a good time.  Cowen is now thoroughly bonded to "The Pack"--the six or seven boys who are attending LIFE this coming year in the 12 and older category.  Good luck to their teachers.  I am quite happy to be teaching the 4-7 year old group, which has 5 students, including Oskar and Harriet. Timothy went to high school with one of the other moms in the group, so they chit chatted for about 30 seconds to catch up on old times.  The party was a great idea because the kids are waaaayyyy more excited for this Thursday (LIFE day) than they were before.

So good times had by all the first week of school, despite fires, and post-op appointments for LASIK, and all the other crazy.  Next week will be busier in some ways (Miriam's swimming starts and LIFE starts), but easier in others (Timothy has his car back).  Happy homeschooling!

August 21, 2017--Timothy turned 38

 Timothy opening all the Heroscape stuff he ordered for himself.  The kids were super excited.  In fact, right this very second the oldest six kids are playing an epic Heroscape game with their dad.  I'm catching up my blog.  #achievinggoalsisbetterthanmakingmemories

 Eli and Annabel.  There's a lot of sibling love there.

 Isn't it weird that Annabel is now older than Clover was when Annabel was born?  I think it is weird.

 See, Annabel thinks it is weird.  Actually, this is her "I'm deeply offended" face.

 Hi, Cutie!

 Despite my telling them not to, the kids have been playing with the toy kitchen constantly since I carried it upstairs to paint it.  It is super cute to watch them.  I get the feeling Annabel would rather play than watch, but Clover doesn't really think Annabel should get to do much of anything.

We had peaches and vanilla bean ice cream instead of cake.  The missionaries stopped by to talk about Nick, so we invited them in to have some.  See those tomatoes on the pan, covered in fresh mozz and basil leaves.  The ONLY redeeming thing about summer is tomatoes.  And peaches.  And corn on the cob.

Happy birthday, my love!

August 19 and 20

 Wide Open.


Hi, Emeline!

 Working on the Wiring.

 This is a little toy kitchen that my grandpa Lloyd made.  We had one almost exactly like it all my life (that I can remember) and my parents still have it and my kids play with it every time they go to Grandma's house.  The one in the picture was made for my Aunt LaVerle.  She had it all the time her kids were growing up and then her daughter, Shari Lynn, had it, and Shari Lynn just gave it to me.  Wahoo!!!!  I've been painting it and I have to say, there is something special about working on an item that my Grandpa worked on for his grandchildren, all those years ago.  Right now we just did a rough job sanding and painting to make it as nice as possible quickly because we want the kids to be able to play with it.  In the future, though, we want to take our time and make it really nice so that it will last for our grandchildren to play with it.


 Put your hands in the air, and wave them like you just don't care.

 Pre-painting.  We've been working on the mantel.  It is currently brilliant white, but I have one more coat to finish before I can post pictures.

August 8, 11 and 15, 2017

 Sleeping Beauty.

 Two year old with Baking Powder.

 Watching Dad Demolish a Wall

 Taking cupboards off the wall.

 Sibling Love.