Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Cleaning and Blooding

We've been doing spring cleaning around here.  I am amazed at how great my kids (the oldest four) are doing at just getting in there and getting it done.  Monday we cleaned all of the upstairs except my room and the kitchen.  We washed walls, washed curtains, cleaned the diaper pail, moved cribs and couches to vacuum underneath.  Intense action.  Today we cleaned the kitchen, stairwell, and art and toy room.  I put away all the winter stuff, went through one box of baby clothes, moved the downstairs stove and deep freeze to clean up a year's worth of accumulated yuck underneath.  I haven't finished wiping out the oven, but I'm too tired to do it tonight.  I've gotten irate with the kids a few times, but really, they've been fantastic.  When we sat down to supper tonight I asked them if they liked being in the dining room more now that it shines with cleanliness.  Without hesitation Miriam muttered, "No."  Well--fine then.  I enjoy it more!

I thought Clover would never manage to say anything as adorable as her, "I not know," for "I don't know."  SO CUTE.  "Clover, where are your shoes?"  "I not know."  I die every time she says it.

But equal in cuteness was what she said two days ago when she found me and said, "Clover hurt.  I blooding."  Awww.  She had a minuscule scratch on one of her fingers, which she kissed and then had me kiss.  I blooding.  Darling.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mom Ninja

Tonight I had Oskar, Clover, and Annabel in the bathtub. I was shampooing Clover's hair when Annabel did a dive bomb over the side of the tub.  I grabbed Annabel's leg and pulled her back up right before she face planted.  Considering my pretty pathetic reflexes usually let me down, I was pretty pleased with my mom ninja skills.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cowen's birthday

I have to record for posterity Cowen's enthusiastic response to the leather ammunition belt he received for his birthday (thank you Smith and Edwards for always having random, but perfect, presents for him).  Cowen opened it up and said, "I've been waiting for this my whole life!"  Then, when Timothy and I started to laugh, he amended, "Well, most of my life."


He also got a quill pen, ink, and a leather bound journal with an imprint of a Tolkienesque tree on the front.  Cowen was in heaven. I love picking out presents for him.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hallmark movies and moose cakes

I just finished Lady Harriet's birthday cake. She wanted a moose. What the what?? Last year she had a reindeer cake. I'm not sure what is up with the antlered animal fetish. It took two Hallmark movies to finish it. Moose are big animals. They require a great deal of icing.

Speaking of Hallmark, recently I gathered my children together to help me fold the mountain of clean clothes heaped on the floor. (I am safe in admitting that as my mother isn't on facebook.) Miriam asked if we could watch a movie while we folded. I said no, and Harriet piped up, "That's okay. You'd only let us watch a walnut movie anyway." Walnut, Hallmark--they're practically the same thing.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Pinto Beans

We usually have a pot of pinto beans for Saturday lunch/supper.  I hardly ever make it exactly the same twice (by way of spices).  Today Timothy and I had this conversation while we ate:

Timothy: "What is in the beans?"
Me: "Herbs de Provence.  It is pretty good, isn't it?"
Timothy: "What else is in it?"
Me: "Salt and pepper, of course.  A little garlic salt, some red pepper flakes, and the Herbs de Provence.  I like it.  Maybe I should write down what I put in it."
Timothy: "Yes, you should."

A few seconds later . . .

Timothy: "Why are you still sitting there?"

I guess I've reached the pinnacle of pinto bean perfection.  :)

September 17, 21, and 23

 Timothy putting together Mom's applesauce maker thingy for me.  When I told him that they sell motorized ones at Smith and Edwards he was displeased that he'd spent all that time turning the handle for me.  :)  That wall makes me happy every single day.
 Annabel, all tuckered out.  I've decided I love the nickname Nell for Annabel.  It is a perfectly logical shortened version of her name and it has been on my favorite names list since I read the book My Friend Flicka in the fourth grade.  However, I've found that it is hard to go from never using a nickname with any of your children to trying to make a nickname happen.  How does one go about it?
 I loved that Harriet was reading to Clover and that Clover was holding a baby while reading the book Babies--a perennial favorite.
More tuckered-out-ness.  The other day Clover said her name was Clover Leafy.  Since then I've been calling her Clover Mildred now and again just to remind myself and her and the rest of the family that her name isn't actually Clover Leafy or even Clover the Leaf.  I guess you might consider Leafy to be her nickname, except, much like Lady Harriet, we never use Leafy as a stand in, only an add on.

I love boys

Yesterday Eli came prancing through the kitchen on his way downstairs wearing only a shirt and underwear.  When his sister questioned him he said, "Cowen stole my pants!"

And then we laughed.

Later that day I went across the street to visit Zainob and Eli showed up a few minutes later. When Eli walked in Zainob said in a mildly alarmed voice, "What he wearing??"

I replied, "A Scottish kilt."  I think something got lost in the translation with that one.  :)