Saturday, April 29, 2017

New family sport

We went to our first orienteering meet today and it is definitely the new Young family sport.  We loved it.  Even Miriam, who didn't think she would.  At one point all my people were ahead of me running down the trail and it was a good moment.  Then Oskar and Harriet ran out of oomph, so Timothy, Miriam, Cowen, and Eli kept racing and the others walked back to the start with me.  Clover was a trooper--she never got tired, just kept saying, "I running, Mom!"  Now the kids are all psyched and want to go to the nationals event in Idaho at the end of the summer.  Fun, fun, fun!!

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kami said...

I think orienteering is cool. Random, but it reminds me of how in cheaper by the dozen, the Dad made them learn Morse code. Like a kind of random skill but not an entirely unused one. It sounds fun!