Thursday, May 4, 2017

Eli's writing journal today

Eli's writing journal entry today made me all kinds of happy, so I am sharing it. Childhood is the best (and yes, I changed all the spelling so you could understand it):

"Yesterday and today I've been playing that I am an ice warrior. I come from the coldest place in Antarctica and in that place is flat lands that no one has been before. I have a ice blade and a golden handle and a shield. I live in a ice village on the flat lands. I have mountain goat furs on my body and my legs. I also have white hares' furs on my arms and a black bears cape and a white mountain goat furs and a wolf pet."

Today Eli was my jogging buddy and we went up Wheeler Creek and through Icebox Canyon. It was beyond gorgeous. We passed a huge tree trunk with a crook at one end, and Eli said that every time he sees that crook he thinks there was a giant that lived here and when the giant died he became the river. I love it.

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