Saturday, May 6, 2017

Ogden Overlook Hike

Just got back from hiking the Ogden Overlook trail up Snow Basin way. It was indescribably gorgeous. We encountered a little snow (at one point it was at my waist so I had to shove Eli up), but mostly just lots of lovely wildflowers and green and amazing vistas. On the way down we were running and Eli said, "This makes me feel like we are on an epic adventure."

I said, "I get to be the dwarf."

Eli said, "No, you get to be the cook who likes to hike."

Me, "What??"

Eli, "And I'm the ranger, and Cowen is the warrior, and Ben is the animal trainer."

Cook who likes to hike??? I told him he was fired and that I thought it felt like Last of the Mohicans and he'd better pipe down before we alerted the French or hostile Indians to our location. Cook who likes to hike indeed. At least I got a job, he left Miriam out entirely and she was the only one macho enough to trip over a root and sustain injuries.

(Ben Nielson, a friend of Cowen's, joined us this morning, so the group consisted of me, Miriam, Cowen, Eli, and Ben.)

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Marilyn said...

I don't know, I think I might be ok being the cook who likes to hike. Hahahaha.