Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Funny Clover

Today I took the kids to Beus Pond and met up with some homeschooling friends.  At one point my friend Melinda and I were walking with Oskar, Clover, Annabel and Eleanor (Melinda's one year old).  The kids found some very large rocks to clamber upon and they proceeded to clamber with gusto.  Then Eleanor fell off a rock on her head--it made that unpleasant watermelon squish sound.  Fortunately she wasn't that high off the ground and it sounded worse than it was.  That didn't keep Eleanor from crying, loudly, and longly.

Clover took all this in and froze on the rock where she was standing.  Then she started saying, "Mom! This is very dangerous!  This is very dangerous!  This is very dangerous!"  It sounded more like, "Dis very daynjous!" I had to lift her off the rock because she refused to move.  She didn't even twitch.  It was darling.  I'm glad one of my children has a sense of self-protection.

*Melinda and I have noted that Annabel and Eleanor make splendid twin names.  They are almost exactly the same age, but, alas, look nothing alike.


Marilyn said...

Those really are splendid twin names. Why didn't all my children come in matched pairs??

Kami said...

Clover is adorable. Why won't you take my offer to trade her for Jubal? I don't understand.