Monday, June 5, 2017

Snowbasin ride

I went on a mountain bike ride with Cowen and Eli this morning. We went to Snowbasin and took the Ogden Overlook trail to the Sardine Peak trail and made a loop. It took roughly 2.5 hours and my legs are still burning.  It was so gorgeous.  My favorite part was when we were stopped at a steep, rocky part (Eli was our fearless leader at the time and he hadn't made it up), so Cowen was muttering about how it was a terrible spot to try and get going again.  Then he said, "And I'm off!" Two seconds later he  was stuck again and said, "And I'm in a bush."  Hee hee.  I ran into a tree a la Brett, but, fortunately, I always assume I'm about to die so I was going very slowly and my wheel just bounced off it causing me to wobble dangerously before I could proceed at my normal, slow, wobbly rate.  Very, very, very good times.

PS It is totally fun to drive the new van up the mountain!

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Marilyn said...

You are tough.

New van!!! You got it! What kind? Do you love it? I'm so happy we are seeing each other this week!